Tuesday, May 19, 2015


We had another Swedish holiday this past Thursday (Ascension Day) so I took Friday off and we flew to Belgium to visit some friends living there now. It was a 2 hour flight to Brussels so another short trip. We didn't end up spending too much time in Brussels since our friends lived about an hour away but that was a good thing. Our trips so far have been from city to city using public transit everywhere we go. Our friends had a car so we actually saw some of the countryside and sights we wouldn't have normally looked for if we had flown to Brussels on our own. Here's a little bit of downtown on a rainy day which I'm told is typical for Belgium:


We went to Citadelle de Namur and there was a big fire in the town while we were eating lunch so that added something unusual to our view. Otherwise it was a cool fortress high on a hill and the rest of the pictures aren't fire related.

Pairi Daiza a really cool zoo and botanical park about an hour from Brussels near our friends. We would have never seen it without them taking us since it isn't a city destination. There was just so much to see there that I can't share it all with pictures. It's one of those things I'd recommend checking out if you're ever in Belgium. It's an awesome zoo for kids or those of us who think we're still kids. lol





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