Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nordiska Museet

Nordiska museet has exhibitions about life and work, trends and traditions, in Sweden from the 16th century to today. It's a beautiful building for the museum which was founded in 1873. I remembered I hadn't taken a pic of the building as I was leaving at the 5pm closing. It had already been long dark since sunset was at 3pm so it's hard to see.

The museum is the big building in the back of this summer picture:

 I took a leisurely time through it since it's a local museum and didn't end up seeing all of the exhibits so I'll have to go back. Here's a few phone pictures to get an idea of what's there.


18th/19th Century Painted Furniture

Old Swedish Toys and Doll Houses

A Taste of Hops (Beer making!)

Jewelry and Clothes

wedding crowns

traditional dress and a cyberpunk 

main hall 

A few of the Swedish Traditions

yum! fermented herring ;-)

The Crayfish party is a lot of fun :-)

The moose are back at Raoul Wallenbergs torg!

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