Friday, June 17, 2016

Pack Out

my recliner and other stuff for storage

the same spot with nothing of mine
firewood from a previous occupant which I bequeath to the next

Sure, I wrote about sorting stuff 6 weeks prior to pack out. I usually think about things early but doing them is another story. The sorting really started the weekend before pack out and concluded while the movers were packing stuff in boxes. "Oh yeah, that... uh, send it to Mars. I've always wanted to launch some of my things into space."

It was a beautiful and warm day while they were inside packing boxes and wrapping furniture. The day was colder and rainy while they were outside loading it all in crates in a big truck. I've come to expect the bad with the good here when it concerns the weather. It's always best to focus on the good and the sun when it's out as a reminder of the eventual return of goodness. It doesn't look like it's today but there's always tomorrow. :-)

Pack out is done and we have 2 weeks of loaner furniture until departure. The furniture is Ikea of course. This is Sweden and there might be a law requiring it. Everyone's home must contain a certain percentage of Ikea products or they revoke your citizenship. The couch is comfy but I wish they chose one of the nicer models of the bed. The 32" TV is adequate but doesn't compare with my monster. Oh well, it's only 2 weeks and then it's on to many other beds in other homes and hotels across the U.S. before getting to the next assignment.

Who knows when or if all of this stuff will be seen again? The storage stuff is gone for at least 2 years. The rest could fall off a ship on the way. I've seen YouTube clips of that happening. At first I thought it was scary but then I realized it's just stuff. All of it can be replaced. The pictures are all digital and can be reprinted at any time. All of my favorite music, movies, and books can be streamed or downloaded again. Clothes, furniture, and housewares can be purchased again. It's a wonderful time to be alive when all of my stuff is entirely replaceable.

Now almost all of our stuff is entirely gone. We each have 2 suitcases and a carry on. It's about time to ramble on...

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  1. I feel the same about all of the "stuff." I think it makes things so much easier when moving. Good luck! Can't wait to hear Venezuela stories.