Thursday, August 3, 2017


I forgot to post pictures of Curaçao with everything going on lately in Caracas. We still managed to do a lot in about 2 days even though the trip was aborted early. It was just a 30 minute flight to get there but because of the timing we had to take 2 flights and spend the night in Bogota to get back!

The beaches appear to be smaller than the wonderful wide beaches we had in Aruba. We stayed a weekend in the area of Eagle Beach to Divi Beach on Aruba and didn't leave much other than downtown but it was very nice. In comparison, Curaçao seemed more interesting for other things if you're not after the most perfect beaches. It has more character than the area of Aruba we stayed. Aruba felt more American commercialized and we were fine for a weekend relaxing without a car. Curaçao felt more like the Dutch Caribbean and you definitely need to rent a car to get around and see some stuff. They're both cool destinations for slightly different reasons. Here's some pictures to compare to my post about Aruba.

this is a floating walkway with a boat control house to swing it out of the way for big ships coming in to the harbor 
moving back in place...


 Nena Sanchez

 We stayed at Avila Beach Hotel which has 2 private beaches. Our room was in a wood structure built out on a pier with a balcony overlooking the ocean.

 neighbors hanging out by our balcony

some nature at the salt lake, no flamingos when we were there

Nena Sanchez store/gallery but no pictures allowed inside (love the colors)

Playa PortMari

Shete Boka Park is a bit of a drive but worth it with a cave full of waves. There's other interesting formations where waves crash on table rocks that turn into waterfalls until the next wave crashes over. Very cool!

 natural bridge with waves coming underneath it

waves in different directions because one comes under the natural bridge

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