Sunday, November 26, 2017


Sietemares is an ecoposada & spa beach resort on the Venezuelan coast about 2 hours drive from Caracas. It's a wonderful weekend getaway with all-inclusive meals & drinks, an infinity pool, massages overlooking the ocean, and 7 beautiful private coves with interesting rock formations all along the coast.

The bar and dining are outside and covered. There are plenty of shade or sun spots. You could sit or lay out by the pool or the ocean. It's easy to relax how you want to there. The ocean is a little rough for swimming and the protected area by the resort is small. However, the beauty of it all makes it more interesting for us compared to a nice pristine beach suitable for swimming.



We walked the little road out to the 7 beaches but they can drive you out if you don't want to walk. It's beautiful along the coast so I don't know why some people didn't want to slowly enjoy the scenery. There's 2 spots with hands to sit on which made us feel like we sat on thrones overlooking the sea kingdom. There's also sculptures scattered out on the rocks in different spots to add to the fun vibe of the beaches.



 3 crazy young guys out on a far rock fishing

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