Sunday, April 15, 2018

Bogota - La Candelaria

We spent a chilly wet week in Bogota. It's the 3rd highest capital city at an elevation of 2640 m (8660 ft). It isn't hot at that elevation and it can get rather chilly at night, but most buildings don't have heating. The whole place was accepting of whatever nature gave them other than having the occasional fireplace. It was common to see people with their coats on inside everywhere including while dining in the restaurants.

The natural temperature phenomenon included our hotel in La Candelaria. It was a nicely updated hotel but I only used the C knob in the shower since it never got hot enough to turn up the F side. The cold air outside the shower didn't help matters. C is supposed to be caliente but I could joke C was cold and F was freezing if I was the exaggerating type.

It is a great old town area to visit but I just didn't feel like I was ever properly warm until I got back home. Caracas is about 900 m (3,000 ft) and has the most wonderful temperatures year round. It doesn't get too hot or cool. We're very spoiled and grateful for that part of Caracas.

The following pictures are various street scenes around La Candelaria. I'll make other posts for the awesome street art, going higher to Monseratte, and the free to cheap museums we enjoyed exploring. It was a good week!

you can play "spot the figures" on several buildings


who's that? 
Bolivar of course! He's everywhere and it is Bolivar Square


love all the courtyard fountains in museums, restaurants, and wherever

 the presidential palace

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