Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Bogota Museums

There are many museums in Bogota for free or very affordable so it's easy to see a lot of different stuff. I like many different types of museums but these pictures are mostly from art museums. There was a free little museum about the city with old maps and information about it's growth which was interesting, but the stuff to really keep in pictures for memories is usually the art.

The Botero Museum is probably the most famous one in Bogota but I still haven't made up my mind about Fernando Botero's work. He definitely has a unique style and he skillfully paints really large paintings. The large can be emphasized because he exaggerates the people and objects into bigger forms. Some of it seems cartoonish but it's not really done jokingly so I'm not sure if I should laugh or not. I just can't make up my mind about it but his museum is free, there's other interesting art in the collection, and it isn't a boring experience.

The Botero Museum is connected to other free museums and there's these wonderful courtyards.

HHE stuck in the walls!
HHE = household effects in the Foreign Service

These are some of the other works at the Botero including two big and fun Max Ernst statues


Yep, Columbia does seem to be doing well

Cruz-Diez is a famous Venezuelan artist

Dali is usually good for an odd one


Picasso is another good one for oddities

The Gold Museum is a must see. I don't think I've ever seen so many gold items in one place! Here's just a little of what you can see. The shell is really cool because the gold was put on it and it's so old that the shell part is gone now.


The National Museum has a bit of this and that and of course there has to be at least one statue of Simon Bolivar. He's hard to avoid in this part of the world since he's like their George Washington. Otherwise, the museum has a good collection of various paintings and sculptures from old to modern.


The modern art museum isn't very big but it's always good to see this sort of art. It's either really cool, thought-provoking, and a new experience OR it reminds you that anybody can slap crap together and actually get paid by calling it modern art.

Bellow are many bottles suspended over a mirror. Cool. They clink together a little and make sounds and ripples. Cool. The artist crawls underneath as a performance and makes them clang together into louder and louder sonic assaults that eventually make you run away with your fingers in your ears. OK, maybe that stopped being so cool.

 I thought having stuffed birds was taxidermy but apparently they flew from the natural history museum to the modern art museum and are hanging out here now
There were some other displays but there's too much weirdness to share here so that's it for this museum blog post

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