Sunday, December 2, 2018

Riga Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets started in Riga yesterday. We wandered around to three of them in the afternoon. It was below freezing with sunrise around 8:30am and sunset a bit before 4pm as the days get shorter. The bottom pics are in the dark but it was around 5pm. It's good to have the Christmas lights up to help brighten the afternoon.

The first market has a big wooden tree topped with hearts. The lanterns have big candles in them. You can see their glow in the later pics when we returned after it was getting darker. I think this is my favorite tree with the geometric look, real candles flickering, and cluster of hearts shooting out of the top. It's a great design.

Obligatory pics of the cat house on the way to the main old town market.

Here's the big market. It's a good size with interesting stuff to check out along with plenty of mulled wine and Riga's famous Black Balsam alcohol. I wouldn't say it's huge but it's not small.

 mulled wines in kettles feels more authentic

eating outside while below freezing? uh, no thanks.

this ice isn't melting outside

We had a late lunch and then circled back through the same two markets for pics with lights.

I wonder how often they have to replace the candles. They go up pretty high!

A walk in the parks to see what might be going on there.

There's another market in Park Esplanāde and it has a rabbit village!

There's some lights around on the streets in the trees and hanging over some sidewalks. It's nice to add the festivity to the darker winter.

chilling in Riga

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