Friday, April 26, 2019

Stockholm Viking Museum

This is a quick post about the Viking Museum in Stockholm which wasn't there when I lived there. We're in Riga now so we took the Tallink overnight ferry there and back again for the long Easter weekend. It's a cheap way to travel to Stockholm and kind of fun with the shows, bars, buffets, and rooms like the bigger cruise ships. It wasn't what I though of when I first heard about riding on a ferry. First, here's a few pics from the trip to Stockholm.


This is a private museum without real artifacts. It's still cool to see and informative about Viking history if you're looking for something to do. It's not very big and you'll miss half of it if you don't go on the ride so definitely go on the ride at the bottom of the stairs. The restaurant is good too for some tasty Swedish meatballs.

Vikings the TV show

The next pics show a bit of what you see on the ride which can be narrated in a variety of languages including English.

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  1. Looks like a very interesting place. We've been to the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, which is wonderful, but never to this one ... bucket list time!