Friday, May 31, 2019

Austin Texas

I've been a Texan since I was 12 but I finally visited the Texas Capitol Building during an R&R from Latvia. Austin has a slogan of "Keep Austin Weird" but it really isn't any weirder than any other city I've seen. We looked for the weird and didn't find very much of it except on souvenirs in the shops. I did see one red hat for sale saying "Make Austin Weird Again" which would be more appropriate now. Here's some pics around town and the Capitol.


Six Flags over Texas
(not the amusement park I worked for as a teenager)

  Texas State House of Representatives

  Texas State Senate

The TX portion of the WWII Memorial in DC

Yep, a copy of the Statue of Liberty

Texas Pioneer Woman Monument

 Tejano Monument

This is the completely bogus Confederate Soldiers Monument erected in 1903. This prompted the Tejano and African-American monuments to be added nearby, but this monument needs to be updated or taken down from its prominent location at the entrance to the grounds. "Died for state rights guaranteed under the constitution. The people of the South, animated by the spirit of 1776, to preserve their rights, withdrew from the federal compact in 1861." This is entirely bullshit. They died to preserve their ability to take away the rights of slaves. That wasn't the spirit of 1776 with liberty and justice for all. This monument is a lie and a slap in the face to common decency and morality.

Texas African-American History Memorial (front and back)

Stevie Ray Vaughan

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