Sunday, June 16, 2019

Victory Memorial and More Riga Parks

Riga is great for green spaces and parks. We have the most amazing park by Vecrīga (Old Riga or Old Town) along the canal circling Riga where the city walls used to be. There's lots of other city parks dotting around the map to check out so this is about a few of those near the Victory Memorial.

across the street from the Victory Memorial is this interestingly carved tree (see first pic at the top of this post for the entire thing)

Victory Memorial

The Victory Memorial commemorates the Soviet Army's victory over Nazi Germany. Many Latvians see it as a symbol of the Soviet re-occupation of Latvia after WWII. The monument's obelisk is sometimes referred to as "Moscow's finger" which are quite tall. The accompanying statues are pretty big as well. The whole thing is a bit stark. I see it as a memorial to the triumph over Nazi Germany regardless of who did it but I can understand how Latvians want to replace it or at least augment it.

past the Victory Memorial is the pleasant Arkādijas parks

Further past that park is Piemineklis Fricim Brīvzemniekam

In 1997, celebrating the 150th birthday of F. Brīvzemnieks, during the folklore festival “Baltika - 97”, a monument was opened in Pardaugava, the idea of ​​which was created by Dainis Stalts. The monument created by sculptor Girts Burvis, architect Jean Krauklis and metal artist Vilnis Vincevičs is a 7.6 meter high pyramid of four oak columns with a three-circle sign attached to the pantheon of the Latvian pantheon. Each pillar, which symbolizes one of the regions of Latvia, is decorated with ornaments and historical representations typical of the county. One post is decorated with a commemorative inscription: "Fricis Brivzemnieks 150" The second is supplemented by a fragment of poetry by Brīvzemnieks. These words are also cut in the oak tree, at the foot of an artificially hollowed hill. In the middle of the base of the pyramid, a sacrificial stone is installed as an ornament. 

I didn't notice my phone picked up some of the sunlight in an odd way

Please pick up those sharp triangles!

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