Sunday, July 7, 2019

Jūrmala Latvia

The Majori train station in Jūrmala gets you to the heart of this Baltic beach town near Riga. Google says the drive from Old Town takes about half an hour which is the same as the train. The train costs €1.40 each way so we're happily living the public transit life here. We arrived in Jūrmala and stumbled upon a traditional Latvian dance festival so that was cool. This beach town looks like a fun place to hang out even without a special event. We've heard Jūrmala is the place to be during the summer here and we agree!

It was a sunny day in the 60s F so not too many people swimming in the Baltic Sea. I'll start with pics of the beach and then show some of the town and dance festival. We walked from Majori to near Dzintari station where there were food trucks and tables under the trees by the concert hall for a nice outdoor picnic. Jomas Iela is a pedestrian street of shopping and eating heading back to Majori. We watched more dancing and then walked the beach again down to Dubulti station and headed home from there. It was a great typical weekend day in Riga.


a little practice before the big dance

all of the dancers are gathering

Video of Everyone Dancing

pics on the beach

Another Cool Dance Video

Dubulti Station is by a river running a little inland from the coast.
All of Jūrmala is a beautiful area.

On the train heading back to Old Riga.
It's hard taking a postcard quality picture of Old Town but there's home.

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