Sunday, June 28, 2020

Klaipėda Lithuania

The final day of our road trip along the Latvian coast was to a city in Lithuania. Klaipėda is another coastal port city not too far over the southern border of Latvia. It looked like there were a lot of things to do around here, but this was another quick day and one night's stay before heading home. A whirlwind tour lets us cover lots of ground but misses some details. We choose to savour what we experience and follow instinct a bit instead of hitting every attraction on a top 10 list.

We found a brochure map marking the sculptures of Klaipėda including a sculpture park. We took a long walk to explore and see what the map revealed as a way to explore this city. The park was interesting and the old town was kind of cool. Riga's old town and abundance of Art Nouveau architecture is hard to beat in my opinion, but it's always interesting seeing other old towns in the area for comparison.

I had my camera in the wrong mode with the dreary sky and didn't realize it. It's point-and-shoot and sometimes the dial spins off the automatic setting. These pics aren't very good but I'll share them anyway since the subject matter is interesting and you can almost feel the overcast sky again while looking at them.

hand cranked swinging pedestrian bridge

Klaipėda Sculpture Park

Old Town Klaipėda

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