Friday, August 8, 2014

Household Effects Delivered!

Our Household Effects (HHE) were delivered today! My wife did most of the directing in the rooms and I mostly marked off the items on the list as they came up the elevator over and over and... I saw the scene below at least 50 times. I sat a good bit but still ended up hobbling around on a crutch to help keep an eye on the action around the apartment.

There's a spiral staircase winding around the elevator to each landing below us. Fortunately we have a somewhat large elevator claiming it can fit 5 people (snugly packed slender people) so only the mattresses for 3 beds had to be carried up the stairs.

They had 5 guys (not the hamburger joint we miss) with a few staying at street level pulling stuff out of the crates and sending a few items up at a time in the elevator. Our floor is labeled 4 but it's actually the 5th floor since ground levels are labeled B or 0 depending on the building. The guys working upstairs with us unloaded the elevator and occasionally sent it down with packing material trash or an empty dolly.

Our oversize reclining love seat (we don't have a sofa), big dressers, and 6 person dining tabletop individually fit in the elevator. Surprisingly our already dinged up from many moves furniture didn't really get very many new dings on them. The wrapped monster below is a computer desk that had much more damage on it from our kids between the moves and survived the ocean voyage just fine wrapped up in lots of sturdy paper.

Our furniture is generally apartment friendly with nothing too big. We definitely filled the space here but I don't think we went overboard filling our unfurnished apartment. There's plenty of stuff left in boxes that we didn't let them unpack so it wouldn't overly clutter the place. So there's lots of work to do to get organized but we usually only let the movers unpack about a third of our stuff with any move. The really important thing we have them complete is all of the furniture placement.

We're really glad to get our big American furniture back. The movers have moved foreigners from the U.S. before but a few of them didn't seem to be too familiar with our comfy recliners and oversize double reclining love seat. They said the chairs were too big and comfortable like a cloud and they don't sell anything like them in Sweden. Ah, we really missed our recliners! I'd have to figure out how to fix it or get one shipped from the U.S. if one broke down here. Two recliners may have to be added to list of stuff we'll ship to furnished posts in the future along with our mattress.

Yes, for those of you that know and are wondering, my TV did fit in the elevator and did make it in one piece. I hooked it up to a transformer and setup the Roku for some much needed big screen streaming to end the day. I don't have the surround sound or anything else hooked up yet so the theater isn't fully open. The walls and floors seem really solid in this old building (built 1902) so I actually think cranking up the sound with the subwoofer won't cause too much trouble. Well, except maybe right now when the windows are open since that's our A/C. I think fall hits in a few weeks so maybe the windows will be closed soon and I can rattle them with a good action movie or pump up the jams! Here I am at the end of a long day...

We have all of our stuff after 6 weeks and it all came in fine. Well, except for this odd smell hovering over everything. I can smell it a little but my wife says it's really bothering her to the point that she ran to the grocery store to grab some scented spray. It didn't get rid of it but it masked it a little better until it airs out. I'm not sure what kind of a smell our stuff picked up in the shipping containers as it slow boated across the Atlantic. It's some kind of musty smell. A few articles I read suggests it could be an insecticide or fumigate used in the shipping containers. Our stuff was packed in wooden crates inside the containers but I'm sure something could have permeated through it as it sat for weeks.

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