Thursday, August 28, 2014

Stockholm Apartment

Our apartment is finally looking like our home. I hadn't really posted any pictures of it. I was waiting until it had our stuff in it and didn't look like we were still moving in. Our daughter's bedroom may never be finished because we're not doing it, but we finally finished the rest of it. First, here's a picture near work of the lovely day outside. There wasn't any rain and it was a nice warm 64F. It's been more rainy and overcast so it was a nice break. I'm having some fun with the panorama feature on my phone (click to enlarge).

Here's an important room for friends and family. The little spare bedroom is ready for guests! Apparently many of the local hotels are similarly sized. The price is definitely much better for this room. :-) Yes, the full size bed did fit. We also brought our airbeds so those can be put down elsewhere in the apartment if needed.

Below is the full service guest bathroom where you can sit on the toilet (watch your knees), use the sink, and take a shower all at once. It's all right there! There's even a towel warmer on the wall. That rod in the middle is for the shower curtain to wall off half of this tiny space to keep the shower from getting everything else wet. Don't worry, there's another full size bathroom and half bath so this isn't the only option.

We may as well take a look at the other bathroom. Our main bathroom is really big by Stockholm city standards because it used to be a kitchen. Our one apartment was 3 apartments back in 1902. The floor in the bathroom and the kitchen are heated but we haven't turned them on yet. The panoramic shot makes it look even bigger.

There's only one power plug in that entire room and it's at the end of the lights above the mirror. I had to plug a few things out in the hall next to bathroom. Behind the washer/dryer is the shower booth below in addition to the tub you see above. It's definitely a luxury bathroom in the city.

There's a typical small washer/dryer in the bathroom. The dryer stops occasionally because it's waiting on us to empty out the water reservoir. It doesn't vent outside so the water goes into a plastic reservoir in the bottom.

The drains in here weren't made for a toilet since the bathroom used to be a kitchen. So there's a waste grinder installed behind the toilet. It usually kicks on when we flush but sometimes it turns on when you're just sitting there taking care of business. It's a bit odd having this grinding machine kick into action behind you on the toilet!

Below is the additional half bath.

This next room was supposed to be the dining room but we ended up needing a storage/computer room. My shelves came in handy to give us some more storage space for junk we'll never use and probably shouldn't have brought.

Our storage room has the balcony and the nicest view in the apartment. This isn't the best pic of that view but we did fit some small chairs and a little table out there.

Next is our dining area and living room as seen from the storage/computer room and then the reverse view.

Here's a closer view of the living room with the neat looking fireplace even though I cut off the castle tower top of it in the photo.

That flat square under the window is an electric heater. There's several of them under the windows and is what will heat the apartment. No central air in here!

I didn't end up taking any pictures of the kitchen because there were dirty dishes and a little clutter. Here's some pictures taken when we first moved in since it's not much different now other than having a bunch of appliances on the counters.

Our bedroom here is actually really big. It's much bigger than the bedroom we had in Virginia. There's probably so much more room because there isn't a closet other than one in the hallway. We resorted to putting up portable wardrobe racks for our clothes. It works well and doesn't look too bad to me. Our daughter has closets that were added to her room but she's filling those up. Here's a panoramic shot that makes the bedroom look huge. Actually, it is pretty huge to us.

We have a fireplace in our bedroom too but I doubt we'll use that one. We'll probably barely use the one in the living room unless the power goes out and we're freezing.

There's a quick little tour of our place. Who's coming to visit? :-)

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