Thursday, April 13, 2017


I lived in Sweden for 2 years but when I traveled outside Stockholm it was usually to another country. We went to Uppsala for an overnight trip to see something different. It's just an hour away by train so it could be done as a day trip. Uppsala is Sweden's 4th largest city of 140K with the oldest university in the Nordic countries founded in 1477. The town is nice to walk around in and the 13th century cathedral is a highlight as the tallest church in Scandinavia.


King Gustav Vasa is buried inside the cathedral with his 3 wives but only 2 are depicted on the sarcophagus. I haven't found anything explaining why they're all buried with him or why 1 of them isn't depicted, but it's an interesting tidbit of history.

Uppsala Slot (Castle) is a 16th century royal castle overlooking the city and the cathedral, with cannons pointed right at it!

When you're ready for a fika, I definitely recommend Ofvandahls Hovkonditori at Sysslomansgatan 5. It's from the late 1800s with old style dining rooms. It has wonderful coffee and treats to enjoy!

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