Friday, March 1, 2019

Barely Missed Promotion

I was selected for promotion in September but I didn't meet the cut for how many people they could promote. I wrote about it in Promotion Bridesmaid. I didn't have my ranking or the overall statistics to know how close I was to the cutoff at that time. The promotion statistics have been released. It was a close one and it couldn't have been any closer.

214 people competed for promotion in my specialty and pay grade. My personal scorecard says 66 people were deemed worthy of promotion and I was 46 on that list. They were only able to promote 45 of those people or 21%.

They promoted 45 so I'm first loser at number 46!

If you're curious about the other stats then the average time-in-class and length of service for those competing and those promoted were about the same this time. Competed/promoted was 4.3/4.4 for time-in-class and 6.2/6.4 for length of service. I've been in 5 years now so better luck next year and a promotion roughly on schedule if the stats stay the same.

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