Sunday, March 31, 2019

Carnikava Latvia

The embassy running club hired a bus to take them to a race in nearby Carnikava on the Baltic Sea. We joined the running club for a day, but not for running. Instead we took a nice hike through the woods and along the beach. We had to dodge the runners here and there but it was a relaxing day in nature as the temperatures finally climbed out of the freezing zone this weekend.

oh no, runners! leisurely stroll away!

hmm, the bulk of the runners were heading that way, so we returned another way to avoid the stampede of people clearly not enjoying their day like we were

brīvs, kaut to slēgtu, 
un mūžīgs celsies viņš ar saules lēktu

Google translate:
loose, even if you close it,
and he will rise eternally with the sun

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