Sunday, November 3, 2013

Waiting Is The Hardest Part

The wait for the next step is always the hardest part when we're looking forward to the next big change. If I was locked in and guaranteed for training on a specific date then it would feel much better. I could focus on getting ready to move no matter how far in the future it would be just as long as it was guaranteed to come. However, there's this disclaimer that comes with being put on the register for hiring:
A confirmed offer of appointment is dependent on a variety of factors, to include budgetary constraints, hiring needs, and your position on the register relative to other candidates. You should be aware that your placement on the Register does not guarantee an appointment to the Foreign Service, for the number of appointments depends on the needs of the Foreign Service.
My oral assessment score with veteran bonus points places me high enough for it to be a matter of "when" and not "if" to be hired. The waiting would be worse if I was near the bottom of the register with an ever present risk of aging off the list. They drop you off the register and you have to start the hiring process all over again if you don't get selected for training within 18 months.

The next training class is supposed to be in January but that's in question because of the budget situation after the government shutdown. The continuing resolution band-aid only funds the government through 15 Jan so the full year of training and hiring can't be planned yet. I'm still waiting to hear if they can hire in January and if it'll include my specialty. If not, then March would be the next likely time I can start if they keep with their previously planned training schedule for this fiscal year.

We need to sell our house, probably sell our cars, and sort out the various categories of packing (store, ship, or carry).  The sorting depends on if housing and furniture are provided where we're going. Right now it feels like we're in limbo because this path isn't locked in.  We can't do what we know needs to be done to fully prepare for a move overseas. We're not even sure what personal travel we should take or when to do it because the training locks me out of being able to take vacation time.

It already feels like being back in the military. Patience and adaptability are some traits I developed in the military that will serve me well in the foreign service.  However, waiting is still a hard thing to do when you're already mentally prepared to go now.