Monday, June 8, 2015

Riga Latvia

There was a 3 day weekend for Swedish National Day so naturally we popped over to a nearby country we haven't visited yet. This time it was a quick and cheap 1 hour flight to Riga Latvia. We just stayed one night but got in early and stayed late enough to have nearly 2 days of exploring.

Riga has the finest and largest collection of art nouveau buildings in the world. They have a great looking old town with several town squares providing lots of outdoor eating and drinking areas. We rode a tour bus to see the popular areas and discovered the park by the Monument of Freedom was a beautiful place to hang out. We explored a huge market south of old town. Finally, we took a boat ride up and down the river to get a different view of the city even though it only went up to the commercial port and back for no apparent reason. The weather was nicer and warmer than Stockholm has been so we spent the weekend wandering outside. It was 76F in Riga on Saturday but it still hasn't cracked 70F here in Stockholm... and it's June now!


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  1. These photos bring back so many memories for me. I am glad to here that your family enjoyed the city.