Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happiness Is The Road

Marillion is an awesome band and this song speaks well for the journey down many more roads... happiness is the road.

studio version with lyrics

live version

Marillion - Happiness Is The Road

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The greatest blessing that we have 
Is the dawn of each new day 
A chance to finish what we started 
And made a mess of yesterday 
As day comes out of night 
A chance to get it right 
A chance to start again 
A chance to get it right 

The people here 
Full of love and comfortable in themselves 
Not scared to let go 
No fear round here 

I met this man 
In Utrecht Netherlands 
He was a doctor of the body and the soul 
He said to me: 
Man, there's a book you have to read. 
I feel your pain. It makes me cry 
But these tears are yours - not mine. 

You're focusing on all of your bad yesterdays 
The worry lines are getting deeper every day 
And deep inside you 
No surprise - there's a crisis! 
You might have been to blame 
But you can't go on this way 
Must I watch and pray? 

While you torture yourself with what's behind ya 
Torture yourself with what awaits ya 
Draggin' that guilt and regret inside ya 
Anxious of the goals that always evade ya 

Your mind will find a way to be unkind to you somehow 
But all we really have is happening to us right now 


And each baby.. 
A human sunrise 
Each baby - a human sunrise.. 

Look around you 
Feel your soul inside you 
Look inside you 
Feel the life course through you 
The life that's giving in every thing that's living 
The plants and the trees 
The birds and the bees 
And apes like you and me 


You're a slave to your mind 
But you are not your mind 
You are not your pain 
Say it again 
You are not your pain 
Say it again 
You are not your pain 

Happiness ain't at the end of the road 
Happiness ain't at the end of the road 
Happiness IS the road 
The road 



  1. Did you know that the 20th is the International Day of Happiness? I assume so based on your post. :)

  2. As Bob Ross would say, it's a happy little accident. :-)