Saturday, May 7, 2016

Carl Eldh Studio Museum

What a difference a week makes in Stockholm. The temperature highs were in the 40-50F range last week, but it started warming up this week and hit 70F this weekend! It looks like everything turned green overnight with flowers bursting everywhere. It won't stay this warm for most of the month but it's a nice anomaly.

It was a great day for a walk to see something I hadn't seen. Even though I'm in the city, it's a short walk to several large parks which I haven't gone to enough. There's a nearby park I didn't know about with a little museum hidden away in it. It's the studio museum for Carl Eldhs, a Swedish sculptor.

They have knowledgeable guided tours to explain what you're seeing and answer questions with one English language tour at 1:30pm. It's small but well worth a visit. His sculptors are all over Stockholm and you can see various working versions of them here as he developed the finished versions. He has a realistic style and really captures the faces. Here's a look at the museum with their garden and some of the inside with over 1000 items.


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