Sunday, June 5, 2016

Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace is an easy tunnelbana and bus ride from Stockholm taking at least 30 minutes depending on where you start. A part of the palace is the current residence of the king and queen of Sweden. It's much nicer than the city palace so I can see why they choose to live here. The house is nicer looking and the grounds are extensive and beautiful. You can walk around the outside for free so if you want another good park to hang out in then this is a great choice.

The temperature dropped again to the mid-60s but it was a sunny and glorious day to finally explore this place before leaving Stockholm. I can't believe it's now 24 days to departure and just 9 days to pack out. I guess we really need to get busy on that sorting I wrote about 60 days out! I've written about it and thought about it but just haven't executed it so much. Next weekend is the real crunch time. In the meantime there's too many nice distractions here such as...

The palace has a public part serving as a museum for a fee. The palace is worth a visit for the free grounds, but I think the inside is a little more impressive than the Royal Palace in Stockholm. It's harder to get to as a tourist with little time, but if you're here for a few days or an entire Foreign Service assignment then definitely go see it!

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