Sunday, August 18, 2019

Rīga City Festival

"Is Riga ready?" is not supposed to be answered with yes (see below)

The weather is wonderful this weekend. It's hot with highs of 77F. A couple of weeks ago it was in the 60s and rainy. The wind and 50s at night coaxed some leaves to fall off the trees. Daytime is about 15 hours now but we're losing over 4 minutes a day. It felt like a turn of the seasons already but summer decided to stay a little longer.

This weekend was fortunate weather for the Rīga City Festival. There's all sorts of events, shopping, and food in the streets everywhere around town from Friday to Sunday with a fireworks show on Saturday night. This is a celebration of Riga's 818th anniversary. We enjoyed wandering around so here's just a bit of it when I thought of pulling out the camera.

 coffee "truck" and pizza truck with brick oven built into the bed

if you saw my previous park post then you'll know why I had to get pics of the Freedom Monument without the bird on top

 a temporary zip line across the canal

 finishing touches or a touch up

There's a legend about why you should never answer the question "Is Riga ready yet?" with a "Yes!" The legend says as soon as this answer is received, Riga will sink into the waters of Daugava. I found some slides about it that I'll tack to the end.

the letters are spaced out too far to capture on camera

 The legend of "Is Riga Ready?"

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