Sunday, May 3, 2015

Copenhagen Denmark

The First of May Swedish holiday made a 3 day weekend so we took a quick trip down to Copenhagen. There was a choice between a 5 hour train trip or a 1 hour flight. I found some cheap tickets on Norwegian Airlines so we chose the quicker option.

Copenhagen isn't too different from Stockholm with the same Scandinavian look and feel. The Danish language is different with some similar sounds and they have a different currency of crowns since neither country has embraced the Euro. They speak English just as easily and their metro system is also very good for getting around. They only spot check tickets on S-tog (train) or metro and nobody checked our tickets just like our time on Berlin's metro. It's definitely easier without station turnstiles slowing you down and it gives the illusion of free access to transportation. There were a few signs about the hefty fines for riding without a ticket so I wouldn't try cheating that kind of system.

Copenhagen had many more bicycles flying down their bike paths than they do around here in Stockholm. They have traffic lights for many of the bike lanes and they're definitely needed. We were talking to a Scottish waitress and she said there's a misconception all of the bikes are about fitness or the environment. She complained that it's really because cars are too damn expensive for people to own there! Here's a picture of double decker bicycle parking at the station:

We did some sightseeing and the best way to see a lot of Copenhagen with little trouble is the boat tour. There's a lot of waterways in the city so the boat can take you around to a lot of it. It also reminded us that we've been in Stockholm for 10 months and still haven't done the same kind of tour here. Add it to the to-do list. Here's some pictures around Copenhagen which is known for the Little Mermaid statue, Hans Christian Anderson, and Lego even though all we found was a regular Lego store. There are also some pictures of Kastellet, the boat tour, and Rosenborg Castle. Highs were in the low 50s F so it was a nice weekend to walk around and explore another city in another country.



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