Sunday, May 10, 2015


Fjäderholmarna is a little walking only island near downtown Stockholm. It's only a 30 minute ride on one of the many ferry services here. The tiny island has it's own website and their slogan is "where the archipelago begins" so we'll have to further explore the islands after this little taste. We hadn't taken advantage of the ferry services like that before but it's an easy way to get around. During the warmer season they run every hour to this and many other water accessible destinations. We simply hopped on and paid onboard when we were ready to go. There are some longer bookable trips with set timetables that we're interested in now that we're looking at these options for exploring the area around us.

Speaking of it being warmer, it was a warm 57F (yes, it felt warm to us). The sun is rising around 4:30am and setting at 9pm so the days are growing longer even though it still hasn't hit 70F yet. The outside dining tables have returned to the streets with some heat lamps and blankets available at some of them for those of us that still don't believe the low 60s is warm. We actually ate lunch outside on Fjäderholmarna at the one nice restaurant. They had 3 smaller cafes and 2 ice cream stands so there were some choices. It was pleasant enough in our jackets or even without when the sun was shining on us. Here's the lunch view:

There were some very small shops to check out, a little boat museum, and just some nice places to sit and enjoy the weather and views. Here's some more pictures around the island and on the boat trip.

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