Monday, May 28, 2018

Colonia Tovar Supplemental

Captain's log, supplemental. The away team ventured back out to Colonia Tovar for another visit a year and half after the initial landing party hired a driver to get there. We noted it was a nice spot for a little shore leave so we returned 3 months prior to departure from this strange planet of Venezuela.

We didn't have our car yet back then even though it was 3 months after arrival. I could drive us this time so we were free to take the trip at our own pace. Colonia Tovar hasn't changed much as a nice weekend getaway spot since that first time, which is a great thing. It's a little German alpine village two hours west of Caracas so I hope it can keep its character and charm. Check out the previous post and pictures here.

We stayed at a different hotel so these pictures should be different. We also drove a little past the town and a little higher up to to Pico Codazzi at 2,429 meters (7,969 feet) to see what's on the other side of that mountain top. It was this view...

 darn, a smudge on the camera!

above Colonia Tovar

Views around Hotel Selva Negra

 Colonia Tovar

Simon Bolivar

 balcony view

The Well of Bliss and the Cash In It

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