Sunday, September 6, 2020

Castles in Lielvārde Latvia


Lielvārde is a little town along the Daugava River about an hour drive southeast of Riga. They have a reconstruction of a wooden castle similar to the one in Tērvete. There's no need to choose a favorite between them since they're both fun to explore. There's a castle ruin on the other side of town in the manor complex. The nice park grounds around it with huge carved poles are a great place to stroll around. Finally, there's a named waterfall listed on their tourist board. If you're not interested in the castles then skip to the end to see that amazing wonder.

The only worker there telling us about traditional clothing and accessories

Lielvārde Manor Complex

Rumbiņa waterfall

If you go to the manor complex then you must turn off at the sign for Rumbiņas ūdenskritums (Rumbiņa waterfall). It's very close to the road so it isn't much of a bother. This waterfall is on the town's tourist map and some of the 42 reviews on Google Maps call it "small and beautiful" with an overall 4.5 stars. Here's the sign:

I guess the waterfall is kind of beautiful...

There's a viewing platform off to the side because apparently this is a big deal. Those people look like literal giants, right? You have to look a little close at this picture to see that beautiful waterfall. Is this just a matter of perspective because of it being far away? No, you can walk to it on the right side and see how small it is. It's about as tall as an average person.

They built a sizable viewing platform which might be 3 times higher than the waterfall. It looks kind of far away in the picture but it's just that small.

I still think it's well worth seeing this particular water, which is indisputably falling, as long as you're already in the area. It's exactly that combination of water and falling that makes this the small and beautiful Rumbiņa waterfall.

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