Friday, August 5, 2022

First Month in Algiers

sun rises on a new day in a new country (for us)

Algiers is a city on the Mediterranean coast surrounded by hills and mountains. We've arrived in summer, which should be the worst weather for being here. It feels kind of hot and humid as it hits the high 80s F during the day whenever I walk outside from the comfort of the air conditioning, but the weather could be a lot worse.

I'm sure I'll get more used to this kind of weather again, even though hot humidity isn't my favorite. Winter here should be wonderful compared to the cold and dark of the Nordic and Baltic regions. My favorite seasons will be reversed here. As with most places, there are better and worse experiences compared to everywhere else, so I tend to view it all as just generally different.

I love the look of the city and where it sits on a bay with visible mountains in the distance. We have the benefit of living higher up to see these beautiful views often. The people here are friendly and the overall vibe where we are is pretty good so far. It's just the first month, but I'm hopeful this ends up becoming another favorite time in our lives.

Here's some pictures (mostly taken by my wife) from our first month in our new home. There's some areas of the city which aren't so interesting or beautiful, but that's just like every city I've ever visited or lived. We always focus on the finding the beauty around us, so here's some views of the beauty we find.
The architecture of Algeria encompasses a diverse history influenced by a number of internal and external forces, including the Roman Empire, Muslim conquest of the Maghreb, French colonization, and movements for Algerian independence. -Wikipedia

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