Sunday, January 7, 2024

Tamanrasset Algeria Day 4


My first sunrise of 2024 was a good one. Everyone else was sleeping while I climbed up to a high point. Even from my vantage point, I had to wait an extra 10 to 15 minutes compared to sunrise of the previous day. It finally broke over the higher mountains and painted the valley with sunlight in a dazzling display and serene quiet of this remote location.

It was time to head back down to camp after sunrise broke. It wasn't too steep on this side, but it was very rocky with beautiful scenery.

We're asked to put away our tents to help, but there's still a bunch of work to pack the two vehicles. It was quite a bit of stuff for four people and three support personnel to travel. We did our usual hike after breakfast to keep busy and enjoy the area as the camp was packed away. 

Back in the vehicles and heading back to Tamanrasset for the day. We passed through a little village area with typical local architecture.

We visited the Hermitage of Charles de Foucauld in the city. Here's the outside of this basic building. It was the first of it's kind for the area in 1911.

We visited a fort that Charles de Foucauld built to protect the Tuareg people. He thought he was coming out to get the mail and raiders grabbed him so they could rob the fort. The young man guarding him outside ended up accidently shooting him. The fort was never used for its intended purpose.

We headed back out into the desert area for a final dinner outside. I started developing a cold during the day, so the picture taking was finally dying off with my waning energy. We saw another rock carving.

Our final sunset from the trip.

Here's one last attempt to capture the multitude of stars in a phone camera. There's a lot more to see in person even with us closer to the city. Apparently a small city out in the middle of nowhere doesn't produce as much light pollution as more populated regions.

My cold was getting worse. I took DayQuil and pressed on through the night. We had to get on our 3am flight back home to Algiers. I was completely exhausted when I collapsed at home and proceeded to be ill for several days.

It was still an amazing experience to look back on after all of that. I think it was a worthwhile experience to have, but I'm also not sure I'd want to go through all of that again. It's great to be home!

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