Sunday, June 24, 2018

Kavak Gorge Waterfall

The fly over for Angel Falls is a flight to Kavak or Kavac. We were so focused on the bigger parts of the trip and getting to fly over Angel Falls that we actually didn't know what we were going to do there. We were told to wear bathing suits for another waterfall but we didn't know the setting for it. Spanish Wikipedia translates it to the Caves of Kavac but it's more of a gorge and grottos thing. We had to swim in this tight gorge to get to the waterfall pictured above. Most of these pics are blurry because once again the waterproof camera kept fogging up and couldn't handle taking pictures in the heavy mist. It was waterproof but not great for taking pics in that environment.

This is where we had lunch on arrival. The indigenous village doesn't have any actual inhabitants and isn't a truly authentic native experience like we had in Panama. The main thing about going here is to hike, wade, and swim out to the waterfall which was another amazing experience for the trip.

now the switch over to the waterproof camera


We waded through the gorge and the camera was firmly in pocket when we get to the spots we had to swim. We were going against the current so they had a rope strung along one side to help you if you were struggling. You could still look up and see some sky so it wasn't really ever a cave.

We didn't get very close to this gushing waterfall.
It had some compacted force as it entered the grotto area.

 back outside and the short hike back to the planes for the return fly over past Angel Falls

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